In order to perform your best as an athlete
 you must be willing to do these 2-things.

Every time I go to an arm wrestling tournament, workout or even when I meet various athletes I am asked: "What do you do to develop your strength and large forearms?"   In my twenty-five year history with arm wrestling I found two things to be essential.

1. You must ingest adequate amounts of whole food.  Throughout my Arm Wrestling career, I consumed what were considered to be the best supplements in the world. Research led me to discover that so-called "natural vitamins" are isolated from those other vital nutrients that are only found in whole food.  I am grateful that I was introduced to whole food nutrition.  It made a huge difference in my performance.  No doubt eating the right kinds of food is a must. Twinkies and beer are not on the "whole food " list! For more information on one of the best ways to ingest a wide variety of whole fruits and vegetables in capsule form click here


 2. You must get adequate "table time."  Nothing really simulates arm wrestling like arm wrestling. If there are few guys to train with, some turn to weights, but I have never really believed that this will make you a great arm wrestler. If you don't have many people to train with, you can use surgical tubing, but it has been my experience that it can break while training with it. An excellent solution is "Lifeline USA". They have developed a great product. The cabling they have, is some of the best that I have tried.  "Lifeline USA" has developed the best product I've tried yet.  If you're serious about working your tendons, gaining strength, size and having more endurance then you need "Fore-Power" cabling.

Arm Wrestling Training using Lifeline USA® ForePower

 with Allen Fisher, 25 Time World Champion

Learn the Basics

Develop Side Pressure

Strengthen Back Pressure

Pronate to take Control


Fore-Power for Arm Wrestlers

Power Resistance Range From 43 lbs. to 120 lbs.

Based on a 4 foot (2 feet doubled) cable length.

Cable / Color


Stretched 100 %

Stretched 150%



45 LB

65 LB



60 LB

80 LB



60 LB

95 LB



60 LB

115 LB

 John Hind pulling on ForePowerLifeline's Fore-Power selections

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